Pigment Set (4x20 g)

Our Pigment Set contains four bottles of 20 ml pigments. The pigments are of the best quality and have an exceptional structure of fine particles. These four colors of the set allow you to mix any color of the rainbow. To give you an idea of the strength of the pigment, we use about 4 ml of red pigment per liter to make our resin Standard/Industrial Blend Red. The box contains 1 x Black, 1 x Yellow, 1 x Red, 1 x Blue bottle of 20ml each (approx. 30 gr).

How to use pigments:
  • Simply measure the amount of resin you need to fill your vat/tank;
  • Slowly drop the amount of pigment onto the resin (stir every few drops) until you have reached the color you want to reach;
  • Do not forget to take note of the amount of drops for future use;
  • You can mix the colors to create any other color;
  • Remember: you can still add other pigments, but you can never remove them! We suggest not to go beyond 6 ml per kg of resin, not to alter resin reactivity.
Be careful not to spill, stains are very difficult to remove. Wear gloves.

What does the box contain?
Pigment FunToDo, red (20 ml)
Pigment FunToDo, blue(20 ml)
Pigment FunToDo, yellow(20 ml)
Pigment FunToDo, black(20 ml)
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