Sample Pack Dental

SPD – Sample Pack Dental

  • Probe Set Dentifix-3D dental model in 2 colors: sand yellow, gray
  • Burnable Castable

How to use pigments:

  • Simply measure the amount of resin you need to fill your vat/tank;
  • Slowly drop the amount of pigment onto the resin (stir every few drops) until you have reached the color you want to reach;
  • Do not forget to take note of the amount of drops for future use;
  • You can mix the colors to create any other color;
  • Remember: you can still add other pigments, but you can never remove them! We suggest not to go beyond 6 ml per kg of resin, not to alter resin reactivity.

Be careful not to spill, stains are very difficult to remove. Wear gloves.

What does the Sample Pack Dental box contain?

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