Dentifix-3D Dental Castable HR (Green)

Dentifix-3D Dental Castable Blend Resin in Green!

Crafted meticulously to meet the exacting standards of dental professionals, our Castable Blend resin offers a high-precision solution for molding dental pieces in bronze, copper, tin, or iron. Engineered to seamlessly integrate with standard vacuum injection molding methods and parameters, this resin represents a significant leap forward in dental prosthetics.

The exclusive formula boasts exceptional compatibility with dental processes, facilitating the creation of top-quality molded pieces for crowns, bridges, and other dental restorations. Whether you’re a dental prosthetist, dentist, or laboratory specialist, Dentifix-3D Dental Castable Blend ensures reliable, precise results for your dental designs.

Fully cured, our resin achieves an impressive hardness of 73 shore D, ensuring robustness and resistance for demanding dental applications, and guaranteeing durability and long-term performance. Beyond its ease of use, Castable Blend offers outstanding dimensional stability, ensuring a precise fit and seamless integration into dental applications. Choose Castable Blend for a cutting-edge dental molding solution, meeting the highest standards of quality and precision in dental prosthetics.


  • Package : 1 kg
  • Color : Green
  • Odor : Faint odor
  • Viscosity : 85 mPa.s at 25°C
  • Hardness Shore D : 73
  • Density : 1.05 g/cm³
  • Shrinkage : <0.5%
  • Ash content : <0.1%
  • Z-axis resolution (layer height) : from 20 to 200 μm
  • UV cure : from 225 to 415 nm
  • Storage : 10°C< t <40°C, in dark, dry place out of direct sunlight
  • Wash up : 40-60% ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol


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